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Hunting the Hunter: Reflections of the Past

Cecilia looked out across the grass plains, the blades of grass gently rocking in the wind. Green going brown, it might be the beginning of another drought. Sighing she takes a swig of water from her wineskin before pulling the map out again. She had not been this far south of Oppara in quite some time. Hell, it was when she was last serving in the army and near the end of that time too. If only she had a horse or even a real set of armor... although with the armor she had worn in the service she would much rather have both rather than face walking such a long distance with the weight pulling her down. Not that she thought she would take notice too much. While the last couple of years had not been exactly kind she was stronger than she had been before.

She stows the map and pulls out her notes. Bounty hunter by trade now, with the years of service to Taldor long behind her. She has been chasing an elusive killer for quite some time. The bounty was large and she hoped that it would help her become properly situated once again. Although at times she wondered if she could ever settle down, life of adventuring did not usually lead to one settling down. She snorted to herself, life of adventuring indeed. It might be for some but she was just a bounty hunter.

Focusing back on her tattered notebook she flipped open the frayed leather cover and flipped to near the middle. All of the details she had collected were there. She was most thankful for her contacts, an orc named Dagi. Well more of a friend now, after all she had run into him a number of times through the year. It was based on something he had heard that had lead her to the Tandak Plains and then all the way down to... she consulted the map once again... Hillcrown. She did not recall hearing of this place before so it must not hold too much import beyond protecting its bit of border with Qadira.

Her mind drifted to when she had first met Dagi. He had really put the scare into the locals. Sure orcs were not exactly a rarity but with some of the recent wild tales surrounding the raids back then everyone was a bit wary of them. He was not tall like the others she had run into, not that she had met many. But the tales of the wild towering orcs of the north had led her to believe that they all were 7' tall with bulging muscles. Now the muscles he had but yet he did not move like one encumbered by such mass.

It had been a typical day of patrolling when the small unit was approached by a few frightened locals stating that an orc was terrorizing the town. She had already served one term in the army and was just settling into her second. Her commander, Captain Cornelius Treybeck, put her in charge of a small group and told her to "deal with it". She knew what he meant, they all did. The good "Captain" had not been able to buy a higher rank and was set on rising higher, no matter what the cost to others around him.

The locals directed them to a small market square near the center of town and pointed across the way. Sure enough there was the small orc with large muscles trying to interact with them. Not a lot of scars but one ear appeared to have not fared well in some fight. He seemed to have a pretty good grasp of the language even if it was with a bit of an odd accent. He wanted to join the town?

Private Pettigrew leaned over and whispered, "So what do we do? He looks ferocious." She smiled as an idea came to her. It would drive the good Captain absolutely crazy to the point of bursting.

"Hell," she replied, "give him a sword and conscript him. Can you imagine too many people arguing with that?"

"Besides, I have heard that orcs can eat anything. Grady will finally have someone who will be able to eat what he calls stew."

Laughter rolled through the four of them, breaking the tension. Sure enough Dagi was conscripted and trained with her unit for awhile. The Captain thought it was punishment for having the orc recruited but she enjoyed it. Not too often that she was able to spar with someone so strong. Eventually he was sent elsewhere on assignment and it was not too long after that when she had been run out of the army.

She learned later that he had been branded a deserter. It was some time before their paths crossed again. She was happy to have someone to share an ale with after working the night shift as a town guard. He was the one working the bounties then and would later inspire her to strike out on her own.

Why was it so hard to stay focused today? Too long on the road, she thought. She started to read aloud, to keep her mind where it needed to be. Distracted bounty hunters became dead or useless bounty hunters.

"Name, Marcus Sainsot aka Marcus the Mad aka The Hunter. Wanted in connection to the murder of four women in Cassomir. Six feet, two inches. Distinguishing marks. Scar on the back of his left hand. Mismatches eyes, one brown and one blue. Brown hair and medium build."

They should have added "really good at living in the wilds" and "annoying to catch". No wonder the bounty had been high, a bit unreasonable so. Hopefully he will be in Hillcrown and so will be a decent magistrate. She wanted to bank the bounty and pick up the next one.

She surveyed the plains once more as the first few drops of rain began to fall. Quickly everything was put away and she shrugged her backpack on once again. Time to get moving and try to bring a bit of Justice into the world.
I have continued to write here and there but for other places. Realizing I need to have what I am doing in one place I started (as of today) posting some of my short stories. Some will focus on my CoH characters and others on my Pathfinder characters.
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